Welcome to 2021 it’s been a long time coming.  Also welcome to our second newsletter of all time.  Momentous occasions all of them.  In all seriousness all of us at CCA hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Years.  Now that we’re in a new year let’s get back to business and talk tech. 🙂

As we got our feet underneath us somewhere around June or July this year we started looking forward.  What software can we train our staff on that is in demand, in use by our current clients and something future clients will likely need.  What we landed on was Microsoft Business Central.  If you aren’t familiar with this software package at a 30k foot view it’s an ERP system.  From our experience it tends to be a lot more than that.  It can replace a lot of the local and cloud hosted applications that we use daily.  At it’s core though it’s intended to replace your accounting system with all the added features that being fully integrated with Office 365 brings.


If you’ve heard of Microsoft Dynamics NAV this is exactly the same.  It’s a rebrand and relaunch of what already existed.  The largest value add is you can host it right with Office 365 in the cloud instead of in your office.  I was planning to go on a tangent about what Business Central does but for the sake of time I’ll just give you a list.  If any of it hits a chord with you give me a ring.

  • Accounting
  • Finance, business and inventory reporting
  • Order Processing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Service Management

It’s quite a list just on it’s own without a thorough break down of each.  As with anything we recommend, we’re migrating what we do there also to be the best at supporting what our clients use too.

If you haven’t already make sure and check out the Winter Activities page too and let us know your favorite.


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