Aaron holds the title of help desk squad member where he assists clients with their IT needs such as improving computer performance, connection challenges, etc. He enlisted in the US Army Reserves in 2015 and still currently serves. Aaron has always had a curiosity and an interest in computers ever since he built his first computer at 12 years old. He uses that love of computers to make sure clients love their computers. A fun fact about Aaron is that he bartends at weddings on the weekends and is a hat collector. His collection is extensive and unique.

Chris started the company in January of 2008.  From humble beginnings working out of a small office in Pewaukee followed by a converted farmhouse-office to our current headquarters in downtown Waukesha; Chris has led with integrity and a heart of service.  His passion for CCA’s customers is infectious.  Chris has two daughters and a son on the way with his wife, Aubrey, of 15 years.  In his free time, Chris enjoys making tables, bookshelves and other furniture, as well as practicing for his eventual rise to Ping-Pong stardom.

Beth is our office swiss army knife.  In the summer you’ll find her enjoying the many lakes south eastern Wisconsin has to offer.  When the snow falls up north Wisconsin is her jam!  You might not imagine it but you should ask about her dogsledding skills.  If we can’t locate her it’s probably because she’s on a dogsled in northern Wisconsin somewhere.  Her pride and joy are her 2 lovely children and they also share the love of being out on the lake swimming.  They are the sweetest kids and are a motivation on how to look at the bright side of life always.

Kelly holds a plethora of technical certificates from PC Pro Schools.  She’s been with the CCA team 10+ years now and has helped shape many of the new initiatives over the years.  In her free time she loves camping with her husband Jared and 2 lovely children.  To be fair their camper is pretty posh though!  In the camping offseason, which in Wisconsin is 10.5 months, Kelly loves building things around the house and rooting for the Green and Gold. There isn’t a technical problem to date that Kelly hasn’t given the ol’ one two punch.

Noah graduated from Waukesha County Technical College in 2019. He joined CCA in 2018 as a help desk intern and transitioned to full time in 2019. Noah’s main job responsibilities include assisting clients with remote and on-site support of technology issues and related questions that arise. What interested Noah in CCA Technology was their commitment to both a quality customer experience and honest business practices. One interesting fact about Noah is that he placed 2nd in the Wisconsin regionals in the pine wood derby in Boy Scouts when he was younger.

Paul attended WCTC with a concentration in computer programming.  He served faithfully in the United States Marine Corps infantry for 8 years before receiving an Honorable discharge.  He and his wife of over 16 years, Ashley, have 3 children – High school, Middle school and Elementary school. He has over 12 years of experience in working with VMWare, Unitrends, Windows and Linux Servers and Sonicwall. He enjoys woodworking, playing bass guitar, and writing exciting bios in his spare time.

Lucas is our newest member and has a passion for technology and learning that is contagious. In 2021 he graduated from Carroll University with a degree in Business Administration. There’s a 100% chance you’ll see him on our technology videos as he’s got a knack for talking to a camera. His 5 year goal is to dethrone Chris as reigning ping pong champion. On the weekends he and his girlfriend love checking out new restaurants and connecting with friends. He is also the meme and hip/hop guru, but most importantly he loves helping people.